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Olsen's Family Dairy Farm Part One :icongothicus:gothicus 56 8
Hypno Teacher Part 1
Mizuho awoke on Friday morning and took a glance at the clock. Seeing how much time she had left before she'd have to leave for work, she lay back down in her futon and watched Kei sleep. It had been a month since their marriage had become public knowledge but there hadn't really been any negative effects of it. In fact, the only difference was that they didn't need to hide it anymore. Kei began to stir just as she noted to herself that he looked so cute when he was sleeping. Kei's eyes opened and he saw her watching him. "Good morning, Kei," she greeted.
"Mm, morning," he replied, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "What time is it?"
"We have a few minutes." They spent the next few minutes in each other's arms until they had to get ready for school. Another good thing that came from their relationship getting out was that they didn't need to go to school separately anymore, which was a blessing as Mizuho enjoyed walking together with Kei.
The day proceeded as usual until the end of scho
:iconvg-mc:VG-MC 97 10
Mature content
Hermione: Caged and in deep trouble :iconechotango151:Echotango151 275 24
Doll Princess [Part 1]
A hot summer Sunday. A day you’ve been anticipating for weeks.
Today, a costume from Hobby 21 is coming to your home.
Why is a costume from Hobby 21, already on the way, heading to your doorstep?
Well, strictly speaking, the package coming today isn’t a costume from Hobby 21 itself.
It is a costume that you’re told has the same structure as a costume from Hobby 21.
It is a costume that is considered an urban legend by kigurumi fans around the world, said to be the pinnacle of costume design, though very few have seen it.
Along with your like-minded friends, you did careful research on this legendary group, hoping to capitalize on rumors that Hobby 21’s engineers are recruiting individual enthusiasts and making costumes for them.
Of course, they aren’t just giving them away for free. It seems that nobody outside the group is actually allowed to own any of these costumes, and they can only be borrowed with permission of the group’s leader.
They also ar
:iconnakaris:Nakaris 16 0
Bodysuit TG
I always had a thing for Japanese girls, or Asian girls in general. But Japanese chicks were definitely the type that I considered perfect. The silky hair, soft, pale and clean skin. The slanted, cute eyes and petite bodies. What was not to love about them? But while at first I really wanted to get together with one, over time I realised that I was somehow jealous of their perfectness. I wanted to be like a Japanese girl. Atleast for a while, be the owner of such a gorgeous body. But since I was born a boy and neither was I from Japan, it wasn't meant to be. Magic doesn't exist after all and science was not even close to something like that. I spent my days looking at pictures of the bodies I aspired to have and dreaming about the life I could have.
One day while I was browsing through the internet, I found an ad about “Bodysuits”. It looked interesting enough to actually compel me to click it and I was not disappointed. The gist of the site: You can pick
:icontged-writing:Tged-Writing 473 46
The Body Suit Mix Up Pt 3---The End

Ann was so disgusted with Marc and the suit, she decided they should both take a trip to the manufacturers, she wanted to make a few additions of her own, but first she pressed the button on the remote that said "Mute" she was surprised and happy that it did what she hoped it would do, it silenced Marc, what she had in mind, didnt include what Marc had to say about it.
She had an idea in her head as to how she was going to make Marc pay for what he'd done, he obviously had no respect for her or for women as a whole. Ann climbed into the drivers seat of their 2025 Rolls Royce, she was so excited to drive because she had never driven the car before, (Thats the mans job) Marc would say, Well, it was Anns turn to be the man!!!!
As she approached the car she had the fob in her hand, the car recognized this signal as the owner and operated the self opening door, Ann slid into the leather drivers seat, It enveloped her body, but she was still in Marc's bod
:iconsfc78767:SFC78767 18 24
Mature content
She invited me over and dressed me up :iconalksndr202:alksndr202 28 6
The Princess (Part 1) :iconkoolkaren:KoolKaren 288 12
Mature content
Enslaved by Cuteness :pg 1: :icontallestgirl:Tallestgirl 306 43
Mature content
Say It :iconpetnameds:PetnaMeds 762 174
1: Enter and Break :iconprincesstaran:PrincessTaran 92 0
Maid Tg
"So when can I start?" I asked.
"Well Alex I don't think your right for this job, you haven't had any experience as a waiter. So I can allow you to work here." The manager told me. "But when I think about it I have a friend who is asking for waiters at his mansion."
At first I was disappointed but when the word mansion came up I became ecstatic. He gave me his card, looking over it I saw that his mansion was very near my house. "Ok then I'll talk to him. Thanks."
The next day...
I knocked on the door of the mansion and a butler came to the door. "Welcome to the Jordan Estates. Can I help you?"
"Um, yeah I would like to apply for the waiter job?" I asked.
"Alright then, I will take you to my master." he answered...
"You must be Alex, don't be alarmed. My friend over at the restaurant you applied for told me you would be coming by. I think that with some discipline you can make a fine addition to my team, and in the future a very sweet addition to the restaurant my friend owns. So ill ne
:icondzrkarts:DzrkArts 232 34
Mature content
The Reason for Cradles 4 :iconabalex:ABAlex 21 12
Mature content
Baby Training :iconabalex:ABAlex 127 168
Exploring gone wrong
Exploring gone wrong
Shino liked exploring. He loved it so much that he spent every holiday and free day out somewhere, wandering through a forest or a more or less hidden valley.
Today he had driven to a small village, called ‘Riverwood’, near a deep forest. He had rented a room in the village inn. Then he had packed a backpack and went out into the fields on his way to the forest.
As always he had taken no map or other orientating item with him. His friends called him ‘mad’ and ‘crazy’, because he did that, but he thought it just made things more exiting.
Over the years he had gathered a lot of experience in the field and he was able to navigate almost any territory, without a map or other help. Because of that, he wasn’t worried a bit about finding his way back home into the village. Until now he had always been lucky.
If only he had known that his luck would fail him today…
He walked through the forest, taking smaller paths and not sticking t
:icongobbokilla:GobboKilla 242 572
TGS Sofa Picking
"Damn, I really need a new couch to sit on." Kobi said, he was trying to move into a comfortable position to watch television. The old couch was beige and had a leather surface, it had holes and springs popping out at the sides. Just as Kobi relaxed, a spring popped from underneath where he was sitting. "Damn it." He got up to dial the phone.
"Vince, how's everything going?"
"Everything is good Kobi. How is the old sofa doing? "
"I need a new one,  too old, any suggestions for the brand I should buy?"
"I dunno where to buy one though, but check the television, I remember there was some advertisement of some. Wait someone is at the door, looks like some girls are at the front, talk to you later man."
"Okay. Cya Vince."
As Kobi hung up the phone, and advertisement came from the television.
"Do you need a sofa? A televison? Comic books? How about underwear? We got it all! Come down to TGS for any of your shopping needs!"
Interested with the ad, Kobi decides to head off
:iconaznmega:AznMega 242 8



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